Friday, January 3, 2014

MY STEM CELL STORY: Update January 2014

Oh boy, have I taken way too long to get back and share my Stem Cell Story. So here I am, ready to continue! It was June 2013. I was the recipient of 5 Stem Cell Treatments at this point. To recap, I had repairs to old damage in 3 out of 5 of the treatments.

Each time I had a treatment, my immune system was ‘modified’ for a period of up to 9 months, and during this period, the disease could not progress. As for that period of time, stress and getting sick could shorten that magical time. I had one such period and I learned that stress management was key. Life can throw out some really tough stuff emotionally and the challenge is not allowing the stress to rule the roost. I had to come to peace with things. It was hard.

I am going to insert a little something here that I have never shared publicly. Now I think I need to do it. I need to do it for all of us suffering from chronic illness. I went back for my 5th treatment. My husband, Philippe was with me…yay! The Doctors were stunned at my walking…it had worsened since my last treatment. Yes, there had been other internal repairs and my legs were still strong enough to stand for a while, but what the heck was this? We had a serious talk, these awesome Doctors and Philippe and I. We narrowed it down to one thing….stress. I had been crying a lot and letting stress eat me up. I internalized our entire conversation. It changed me completely. I had no idea how much I could be physically damaged from emotional pain. There you are….now there are no more secrets!
So let’s go back to Stem Cells, shall we?

Before I started my Stem Cell Journey, I had become incredibly weak, debilitating fatigue was my constant companion and I could not stand up for longer than a minute. I had ordered a scooter as my first step to a wheelchair and both of these were very hard to swallow. I want to recap the gains that I have seen from my 5 Stem Cell Treatments. But before I do that, I want to say that changes are usually subtle and they can sneak up on you without a sound. And also, that for me, this is a therapy….a therapy that can, 65% of the time, make repairs to old damage…a therapy that can hold back progression if I can manage my stress and do all my voodoo to keep from getting sick. (I do a lot of natural medicine stuff)

Okay, the gains! Now, 3.5 years later, I can stand on my legs for a long time. I can cook again, that takes standing. I can wait in a line. The scooter was never realized…not in this house, not in this life. Somewhere in there, the wax paper affect on my eyes cleared up. It was one of those subtle things…I cannot tell you which treatment did it. The internal stuff, the everyday stuff that can be sooo embarrassing, well that is fixed. No, let me rephrase that. The bladder was fixed after treatment 1, however it is not 100%, 85% at the moment. I know that somewhere in there, stress played some havoc until I learned to manage it better. But the other issue, the BM issue, that is fixed…from a 10 day cycle to a 1 day cycle! I know it is the least visible, but I think this issue is the most important, life prolonging issue.

And the story will continue………….