Thursday, October 10, 2013


Here I am again! Are you ready for my 7th Column? Well, I took a little trip up to Northern Virginia to see my sister, she tempted me with a ticket to a Michael Buble concert and I could not resist. So I am back and ready to share.

First, after 3 Adult Stem Cell Treatments, I want to share my observations about Stem Cells and Multiple Sclerosis.

I have come to understand so much, what Stem Cells can do, what they cannot do, yet. I have had 3 treatments and have had solid repair to old  damage in 2 of them. This fits perfectly with the understood success rate of Stem Cells and MS.

 As far as modification to the immune system, things like fatigue, weakness, tingling, numbness, cog fog etc…I usually get about 8-9 months of relief...
In other words, after that period, those white blood cells can once again attack the myelin sheath, and those pesky symptoms can return, in OTHER words, this is not a cure. But, during that period, the disease cannot progress. I have had immune system modification period that were shorter due to extreme stress. I am not a scientist or a doctor, but I believe that a cure will come, a Stem Cell cure, when the Doctors and Scientists figure out how to make that immune system modification period last. May it come in our lifetime. For me, this is my chosen method of therapy…instead of spending my money on conventional medicines, shots etc. Each person that is dealing with this disease has their choice on how they handle it. This is one thing that cannot be taken away from us, our free will.

Okay, back to my progress. As I mentioned in my last column, things seem to be changing after my 3rd treatment in December….some old and ugly damage seemed to be getting better. Obviously, some repair was happening to those lesions that were on the nerves to the (blushing to say it) bowels. Instead of once every ten days, by April it was more like every other day, or every other-other day.

Okay, here is ANOTHER thing I noticed….ANOTHER sneaky little Stem Cell Repair. How silly is this? I had just noticed it. For many, many years I had that eyesight thing…like looking through waxed paper. I remember after moving back from France, I decided that I had raised my children to a point where I felt like it was time to go back to work, after 9 years.

I was taking a test to become a teller at a bank. I could not see the board because MS had messed up my eyesight-the wax paper affect, and so my computations were all wrong. They thought I was an idiot, and I obviously didn’t get the job. Well guess what? Eyesight is crystal clear again…Thank you Stem Cells…you may take a bow.

So I had made my return treatment appointment, eager to see if I could complete the repair that had begun on my “internal” stuff. I would going back to Panama on June 24 for a June 25, 2012 appointment.

Here is my video update just 10 days before the appointment.
Thank you for following my story. See you next time!