Friday, July 12, 2013


(Judi Lecoq, Columnist, MS News Channel)

In week 2 of my column I told you about my first Adult Stem Cell Treatment and some of the amazing things that were happening during treatment. Leaving Panama after that first experience, I felt so much anticipation about what the future was going to bring me. I had a slow start at home because I came down with the flu, but after I got past that, I got my first surprise. I went grocery shopping at
Super Target and I walked in the store for 1.5 hours. Usually, after several minutes my legs would begin to shake and get very weak and at that point I had to sit down.
This issue had been going on for 22 years. During this 1.5 hour trip, I never had to sit down. I was a little tired after 1.5 hours, but my legs felt fine, so fine in fact that I came home and made lunch. When I got in the car to leave the store, I had to take a moment to reflect on this enormous change. I even shed a few tears in gratitude.
One of my tasks upon arriving home was to find a good physical therapist. After receiving all those new Stem Cells, one of the most important things to do is to MOVE those Cells. They will just sit in the body if they are not moved through some form of exercise. Helping those Stem Cells get to where they need to be is part of the “battle” and that is entirely up to the patient, or ME in this case! This was my assignment upon leaving Panama and I intended to complete it. I found an excellent Physical Therapist after searching and ruling out several. I began PT about 2 weeks after returning home.

I spent about 2 months doing formal Physical Therapy and then I started my own program at home, including swimming, bike, free weights, bands and treadmill. I also did some free form exercises. When I left PT after 2 months, I had gained the ability to rise from a chair without using my hands and my walking and balance were improving. Now, we all know, all of us MS-ers, that we can exercise till the cows come home, but if the message from the brain cannot correctly get down to the muscle, we will just get stiff from all the exercising. The nerves have to be able to conduct the messages correctly and all these improvements said to me that the Stem Cells were involved in these changes.

At the end of September, I did something I had not done in many years. Only 3 months after receiving Adult Stem Cells, I took a trip by myself. I went to my hometown, El Paso. Unfortunately, I went for a funeral. This was a real test for me. As usual in most airports, there is a lot of walking. I resigned myself to using the cane, instead of taking a wheelchair because of the distance. The cane was sufficient both upon arrival and when I left. The 3 days that I was there were very busy and I was on the go a lot. I handled it just fine, including the time at the airport.

So finally, I would like to post these 2 videos. The 1st one was made 3 months after treatment. I was interviewed by the Stem Cell Institute/Cell Medicine for this video.

This NBC-DFW interview was done 5 months after my first treatment:

Other gains from this treatment; I was able to thread a needle for the first time in a long time, I had incredible mental clarity and energy for about 9 months and a little limp that I had developed disappeared

Next time, we will talk about my Second Adult Stem Cell Treatment.

And I will give you a little glimpse into the life of the real Judi Lecoq.
Have a great day!
Judi Lecoq - Interviewed after Adult Stem Cell treatment in Panama