Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hi Everyone

We are back for the 4th installment of my Stem Cell Journey for Multiple Sclerosis.  So if you have read my previous columns (and I hope you have), you understand by now that Stem Cells are not a cure.  Understanding that the immune system modification period can last up to 9 months, sometimes less, a re-boot is good.  In other words for me, I try to keep that immune system modified as much as possible to keep the disease from moving.  This is where I chose to spend my medical dollars, since I do not use any disease modifying drugs or allopathic medicines at all.  I use all natural stuff, supplements and I have a Homeopathic MD who has my Homeopathic medicine sent to me from a Homeopathic Pharmacy.  Frankly, besides my Stem Cell Treatments, my medical bills are nothing compared to what some of my MS brothers and sisters are spending.

So I want to stress that I was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 1997, but I
know that I was blessed with this little bugger for much longer.  I can even look back and see all the signs when I was in elementary school.  I saw sooo many Doctors who could never name this thing.  When my children were little, I felt very sad that I could not bear to be out in the sun with them for very long, that throwing the ball was hard, that anything outside of my air conditioned Texas home was hard and that I needed to take longer naps than my 2
year old.  At that point, I still had no diagnoses. 
In 1991, my husband, a classically trained French Chef, was offered the opportunity to move our entire family to France.  We would go with Disney…a new park was being constructed and Philippe would be a part of that.  The fact that his entire family…Mother, Father, Sister, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Nieces, Nephews, the complete and entire family was in France clinched the deal.  Now back to the MS (do we have to? wah wah).  We were there 2 years.  I could walk the breath of the park, no problem.  I have to admit that I knew where every single bathroom was and by extension my children did too.  Little problems were starting.  The fatigue had been with me all my life, but I began to have other things.  We still had no idea why.  I began to feel weaker, and boy did the bathroom issues kick in to high gear.  Talk about humiliation, I don’t think anyone really realized but I sure knew. 
In my first column, I talked about how far I had come, in a bad way, just before the first Stem Cell Treatment.  My body had really taken a hit.  Mentally and emotionally, I tried to stay positive.  I WAS STILL ME.   

Now, here I am, on this amazing journey.  How in the world did I ever get to Stem Cells?  And my gosh, the nay sayers, the pessimists…don’t they realize that we, the Stem Cellers, are trying to save our own lives, trying to HAVE a life? 

Okay, now back to the story…hehe. 
April 25, 2011...the beginning of Treatment 2.  Looking back, I can see that I had really good immune system modification and by that I mean, especially, increased energy.  Not only did I start physical therapy upon arriving home, but I started working about 20 hours a week!  Working is a true victory for so many of us.  How I had missed working!  In 2004, I had to stop working…things were getting too hard.  I did many things over the years, from working in the restaurant business, the apartment industry, and running our catering business where I handled all the operational stuff including accounting, administration and working with clients.

Honestly, I did not have any major repair from this treatment.  The one thing that happened and STILL happens today is that I could/can rise from a chair more easily.  I think I figured out where that “repair to old damage in 65% of the cases” comes from, this must be one of my “no repair” treatments. 

So, this is the video I made about 7 weeks after that Stem Cell Treatment.  In this video, I talk about all those little victories!

I cannot wait to tell you what started getting repaired after treatment 3.  Please join me next time and I will spill!
Have a great day!

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